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Who are we?

JÉ! India is a not-for-profit website created and maintained by a private person, with the mission of dispensing genuine and comprehensible information about India to a Hungarian audience. Commercial ads placed on the site will cover expenses and labour invested in the maintenance and improvement of the website. You may be interested in advertising on our English-language daughter site, IndiCS.InfO (India with Common Sense for the Informed Outsider)

As of spring 2010, the number of registered members exceeds one thousand, and the site has 200 to 350 visitors and 500 to 1000 page views a day. For more detailed statistics contact the administrator. The site's regular visitors comprise people with a serious interest in Indian culture, art, cuisine and tourism. Casual visitors come in fairly large numbers, and all have at least a cursory interest in India. Advertisements specifically targeted at such an audience are most likely to be effective.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the administrator:

Balogh Dániel, honlap@jeindia.hu

Ad placement

We are willing to place text and graphic ads in various settings, e.g. in the sidebars, header and footer of all or some pages of the site, in the link collection or in the event calendar. If you are interested, keyword-based ads and entire sponsored pages are also possible. However, it will always be made clear that any sponsored ads are independent from the rest of the site, and are not necessarily endorsed by the author. Payments shall be made by wire transfer to a bank account registered in Hungary. Please contact us for details, rates and currency issues.

Link exchange and Link Collection

India-related websites will be added to the Link Collection free of charge, provided that they are non-profit and are concordant with the philosophy of this site. We are happy to enter a link exchange with any website in Hungarian. Links to any site in any language may be added to the Link collection at the rates in the above table.

Supporter status

We are always happy to find donators who are ready to provide selfless support for the site, in money or in kind. Supporters will of course be granted ad space on the website. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact the admin by writing to honlap@jeindia.hu.

We are also most happy to accept donations of any amount - please use the PayPal Donate button in the left-hand side column.


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